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Alejandro Abellan (Antonio Banderas' stand-in)
Anonymous #1

Antonio Banderas (Actor: Ibn Fahdlan)
Suzanne Bertish (Actress: "Hulda")
Richard Bremmer (Actor: "Skeld the Superstitious")
Michael Crichton (Producer and author of the original novel)
Vladimir Kulich (Actor: "Buliwyf")
Iain-Jamie Paterson (Extra: "Nordic Trader")
Jerry Pooler (Visual Effects Supervisor)
Dennis Storhøi (Actor: "Herger the Joyous")
William Wisher (Co-writer)

(Exclusive interviews from this site) :

Michael Altman (Projectionist)
Anonymous #2 (Properties)
Anonymous #3 (Post-production)
Clive Bell (Session Musician on the recording of Graeme Revell's original score)
Nathan Berger (Production Assistant)
Dirk Campbell (Session Musician on the recording of Graeme Revell's original score)
Christina Caufield (Properties)
Lauro Chartrand (Stunts)
Anne Clarkson (Costume department)
Lawrence Crosthwaite (Set Dresser)
Charles Darby (Matte-Painting Supervisor at Cinesite)
Stan Edmonds (Key Make-Up Artist)
William Elliott (Extra)
Marc Gamache (Location Scout)
Luise Grav (Original Wendol Mother Actress)
Denis Henry Hennely (Assistant Production Coordinator during the re-shoots)
Leigh Hennessy (Stuntwoman during the reshoots)
Patrick Kearns (Lead On-Set Dresser)
Gerhard Kendal (Armourer)
Dr. Juta Kitching (Language Consultant)
Alaina Lander (Actress: "Sleeping Girl")
Lex Lang (Antonio Banderas' Voice Match)
Anthony Lanni (Digital Artist/Painter at Cinesite)
Alan D. MacKinnon (Electrician)
Morag McLean (Set Costumer)
Greg Michaels (Sword Master)
Joan Miller (Chairwoman of the CRFBC)
Douglas Morrow (Special Make-Up Effects Lab Technician)
Ariel Oclarino (Visual Effects Compositor at Cinesite)
Charles Porlier (Key Make-Up Artist)
Asbjørn Riis (Actor: "Halga the Wise")
Lynn Salvatori (Stunt Coordinator during the reshoots)
Leslie Anne Shevick Raymond (Official Web Site Producer)
Nicolai Strehl (Concept Artist for Visual Effects at Cinesite)
Frank Smathers (Dialogue Editing)
Donald Sylvester (Sound Effects Editor)
Kevin VanHook (Storyboard Artist)
Chris Waddell (Properties)
Dan Wallin (Music Scoring Mixer on Graeme Revell's original score)
Pauline Weisgerber Govaert (S.P.C.A. Representative)
Brian Williams (Musical Sound Designer/Additional samplings)
Evan Williams (Extra: "Viking Trader")

Coming soon:

Joe Bulatti (Actor: "Sheharazhad's Husband")
Anthea Mallinson (Head Dyer)
Simon Tilbe (Extra)

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