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"The [Buliwyf] character was based on a poem called "Beowulf". I had read it when I was first learning English and quickly forgot it. All this magic came streaming back when I was offered this role. John McTiernan agreed with me that Buliwyf should not walk around with an inflated chest."

"My favorite scene was in the original cut, it may never be seen:

"Before the second battle, Ibn is nervous and apprehensive. He sees
Buliwyf sitting on a hill top, carving a horse. The scene is played out towards sunset and the screen is radiating a sunset gold.
IBN: You are good at that.
BULIWYF: I was apprenticed to the man who built the walls to my father's hall.
IBN: Where is this hall?
BULIWYF: It was burned.
Ibn bows his head, unsure of his next words.
IBN: I am sorry.
Buliwyf looks up from his carving, with a hint of a smile he hands the carved horse to Ibn and walks away.
BULIWYF: It's a small matter."

This scene instilled for the first time a relationship between Ibn and Buliwyf and drew a light on the Buliwyf persona.
As far as what was in the final cut, I must say that Dennis Storhøi's casual yet poignant deliveries were wonderful to watch... I loved the "an engineering dispute..." during the scene with the red head. What a marvelous understatement..."

"Four Viking ships were built to actual specs. We shot footage of them sailing North. We shot Buliwyf at the helm through calm and storms. We shot a whale to have fun with Ibn and "sea monsters". The studio removed certain scenes it felt may take away from the Ibn character. During four audience tests, the first and second favorite characters were always Herger & Buliwyf. Both Dennis Storhøi and I had some wonderful moments removed in order to protect the studio's star. This is a common practice in this town. Luckily for us, they could not cut us out any more because they wouldn't have a film left. Fortunately Herger and Buliwyf managed to transcend beyond the studio's limited vision."

"Haltaf... Oliver [Sveinhall] is a young boy from Norway. The idea was that we would add a little sensitivity to the Viking image by placing a boy in the midst of all these warriors. It didn't work for two reasons. 1 - The director did not develop a clear relationship with Rethel and the boy, and 2 - Oliver grew 4" during the one year period of filming, thus the way he looked at the start of shooting did not match the way he looked at the end. He was the archer's apprentice, not his son. It would have made a stronger impact had he been developed as Rethel's son... Maybe next time."

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