(Original Wendol Mother actress)

Source: Phone conversation with Juta Kitching

[Note: this is not a photo from the set of EATERS OF THE DEAD, hence, this is NOT the look the original Wendol Mother had in the film; it's just the only photo I got of Luise Grav!]

JUTA KITCHING: "I just spoke to Luise Grav. She was very talkative and had lots to tell, full of admiration for the interesting process and fascinating preparations for the film, for the specialists in the various departments (arts, costume, hair, lighting) but thoroughly disgusted by the waste and the botched job of the film itself.

She was on the set for about 3 months, being filmed as the Wendol Mother--but she was not in the final version of the film. It was redone in L.A., she thinks, with someone else (she seemed to know that it was Michael Crichton who did the refilming in L.A.). She says the name of this someone else would be in the credits, she did not know who it was [Note: Susan Willis is listed as the "Wendol Mother" in the credits, but the part is actually played by Kristen Cloke in the final version...].

She said that McT did not have a clear vision of the role and couldn't communicate his ideas; she tried to figure out her role, the artists illustrated how they perceived her to be, ward-robe and make-up spent hours on getting her ready but, most of the time, McT reacted negatively by shouting that he did not want THAT KIND of a look, never explaining what he actually wanted.

It seems to have been a difficult time for her and then, in the end, her version of the Wendol Mother was not even used at all!"


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