(Stuntwoman during the reshoots)

"I worked on the reshoots in L.A. Billy Lucas was the stunt coordinator. However, Brent Woolsey was working on 1st Unit the day I worked, while Billy was attending to 2nd Unit. So, Brent worked with us the day we worked. Billy was on another stage that day, working with a bunch of stunt guys.

It was the longest day I've ever worked on one show (sometimes, we work on two shows in a day...). I worked 21 hours straight and was in nearly every scene shot that day! That's the way reshoots go. They try to perform miracles in as little time as possible...

We shot a scene that ended up on the cutting room floor. I was hired because I was the size of the actress that played the Wendol Mother in a former shoot and I have a dance background (the director wanted a dancer). We reshot the Mother's death scene.

The version we shot had three killings: the Mother and two of her 'assistants.' The hero [Note: Buliwyf, played by Vladimir Kulich] came into our cave and killed us all, one at a time. First, he killed Trish Peters' character (an assistant). She dove from behind a rock and got sliced. Then, me (dressed like the actress in the movie playing the Mother - so, I guess I was the Mother? No one was really sure). I crawled from behind another rock, like a cat, and attacked the hero by diving on him. I ended up diving over him (7 feet or so - he was quite big!). He impaled me with his sword, as I dove over him, and I landed on the ground just in front of camera. After my death scene, he turned around and, in one blow, killed the third woman by stabbing her in the stomach. Her name was Dot. I don't recall her last name, but she resembled the photo of Luise Grav on your website (so, maybe Dot was the Mother?).

I was dressed just like Kristen in the movie when I worked (without the snake around her neck): long wig made of horse tail, with bones for jewelry and a skin skirt. But Dot looks like Luise Grav... For your information, Lynn [Salvatori], Kristen [Cloke], Susan [Willis] (it appears), Trish Peters and myself are all about the same size. So, I don't know who they assumed was the Wendol Mother. Brent told me that I was the Wendol Mother. So, I'll go with that!

The scenes I worked on were shot at the same stages that Lynn spoke about. Right now, the name of the stages slips my mind. But they are just North of L.A., in Valencia. Currently, CSI [Note: "Les experts", en France] is filmed there.

Unfortunately, I don't know anything about the other scenes that were reshot in L.A. It was my understanding that the film was [originally] shot for a GP rating. However, the rating board gave the first cut an R rating. Since there was no blood in the original picture, the producers decided they would add blood and violence to merit the R rating given to the movie. That was supposedly the reason for the reshoots in L.A.

(...) My scene was a rather dramatic scene. There was a ton of blood in the scene we shot. Only on me, though. I was drenched in it. Buckets of it. It took me several baths over several days to get completely clean! Between the blood and the body make-up, it was hell to remove. It was disappointing that it was not used. Oh, well. That's the way this business goes! I hope that was helpful. If you get a copy of the scene I just described, I'd love to see it. I've never seen it. Best of luck with your website."


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