(Silicone and latex props, bone construction)


- How did you get involved with EATERS OF THE DEAD?
- I was employed by Lindala Make-up FX, Inc. During our "X-Files" and "Millennium" hiatus, we usually picked up a couple of contracts to work on during the summer. That summer, we picked up THE 13TH WARRIOR (then titled EATERS OF THE DEAD) and also NICK FURY, a TV movie based on the Marvel comic book, with David Hasselhoff as Nick Fury.
- What did you knew about this project when hired?
- Basically nothing. We knew that the movie was being shot. One of our friends was doing some make-up on it too.
- What were you told about it?
- We were not given too much information, just that they needed some piecemeal work done, some odds and ends. We knew it was being shot on the northern tip of Vancouver Island. Being in Vancouver, we were one of the only make-up shops running at the time.
- So what exactly did you end up doing on EATERS OF THE DEAD?
- We made a whole ton of meat and bones, basically for a scene where a group of warriors are chewing at a feast, and dogs and them are going through this big pile of meat. All of the meat and bones we made were made of colored silicone. They were pretty funny to look at.
- What did you think of the released version?
- I have finally seen it! I procrastinated for the longest time, and overlooked it and passed by it in rental shops. But a co-worker lent me his copy and I have watched the film now. It was a wonderful movie, I was very impressed with the picture. Mr Banderas' performance was very good, and all of the Vikings roles were played out with people who most certainly fit the whole story. I was impressed with everything, from the cinematography to the costumes and detail into the Viking society and folklore. The character "Buliwyf" was my favorite, he filled out all things one would imagine of a true Viking King warrior. As for the pieces I worked on, they did not stand out to me directly, though I imagine they were used in the cannibal tribes caves and maybe some in the Viking camps...

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