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on Graeme Revell's original score


"When I worked on it, [the movie was still] called EATERS OF THE DEAD. Regarding the title change, I am sure the sales department and the studio executives decided that the original title was too offensive for the movie going public. There is not a whole lot of original thought in Hollywood any more, everything is "agent" driven! The Graeme Revell score that I recorded, as far as I know, was replaced by a Jerry Goldsmith score (the engineer who recorded Jerry's score was Bruce Botnick). We recorded Graeme's score in England, at the Air studios in Lyndhurst; Lisa Gerrard was overdubbed at Angel studios, as were the ethnic percussion parts. The ethnic instruments were recorded with the large orchestra, in iso boothes. I honestly never saw the completed movie; in fact, I lost interest completely when they tossed Graeme's score, which, in my opinion, was a pretty good score. The director never heard it: he wanted Goldsmith from the very beginning and he finally got him, and that was that. You are probably right as to who made the decision to replace Graeme's score [Note: namely, producer Michael Crichton], but I do know the director never heard it. [Unfortunately,] at this point in time, I would not remember what cue went with any scene, [you will have to ask] Graeme. I wish I could been of more help..."

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