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ANONYMOUS #1 (Extra)

Source : Vladimir Kulich Fans Message Board


"At the beginning of filming, Touchstone ran everything, part way through it Disney took over and cut a lot of the budget. Make-up, costumers, and other personnel were let go to save money. Scenes that required extras to be used at Mckenzie was eliminated as costs were scrutinized. Some extras did get to go but a lot of us that were told we were going did not get the call. A wind up party was thrown in Vancouver but few of the people from Campbell River were invited.

As for the scenes that I know that were cut. They spent a week at Norwood for the tent shots and had extras throwing knives and axes, a band brought in from Vancouver to play that was cut. Extras speaking at the entrance of the tent as Omar and Antonio entered was cut. My scene where I was just outside the tent entrance, they pass within inches of me as they pull open the flaps. A moment when one of the Vikings (Asbjørn Riis / Halga) picks up Antonio's character and drops him into the lap of a girl sitting on the side. An extra who was paid big bucks to start off the Viking song at the table was cut also. John DeSantis, who played Ragnar, was told by director John McTiernan to pick up goat in the background in one of the shots was cut out. As was most of the Dancing Girl. All told, that week of filming was reduced to what seems to be about a minute on the screen.

In the Wendol attack scenes, they cut bit of what I had seen. They had us up on cliffs hiding and then coming out screaming. It was awesome to see so many bear headed warriors pop up and suddenly disappear as quickly as they appeared. In one scene, we were told to run toward the village with the stunt guys on horses right behind us, part way down we would open up to let the riders through. I ran down and felt someone pushing me from behind, I turned around and to my surprise it was the chest of the horse bearing down on me! From then on, on the next shots, I ran 30 feet and jumped behind a stump as not to get trampled. It was amazing to view the riders rushing down the funnels of the slash, hooting and hollering, weapons held high. My thoughts were "What a great shot!" as I was actually scared at their sight attacking down the hillside. Too bad they never got it."

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