(S.P.C.A. Representative)


"Filming was to begin June 16th but began late and started June 19 and wrap was November 7 (?). I remember going to the wrap party after our Remembrance day weekend."

1 - Tent scenes - Norwood Farm
"This was a little over one week, from June 19th and finished June 28. I didn't show up for the full week of the tent scenes, as there was another S.P.C.A. rep working with me as well (my boss)."

2 - Scenes at King Hrothgar's - main Elk Bay location
"They moved from the farm (which is in Campbell River as well) I believe June 30 or July 1st, and then we went into MAJOR over time. I say this because filming was to end at Campbell River at the end of August (I think you can begin to see the dollars add up). There was one weekend that all equipment was moved to Elk Falls (in Campbell River) for 2 days of shooting that was on September 19 and 20 (these are the scenes you see of the falls, and the major Wendol village) with their horses tied and all the skulls upon stakes in the ground. Production at the Viking Village in Elk Bay ended for the main unit September 18, it moved to Elk Falls and then onto Williams Lake, and we were given 2 days to get to Williams Lake. 2nd unit stayed at the Viking Village to do catch up shots, while main unit was at Elk Falls."

3 - Dead bodies found in a farmstead - set built in a unique location over a stream bed
"These were the last shots done at the Elk Bay location. Elk Bay itself is an area used by the forestry industry to sort its logs, before they are tied in boons and then tug boat out to the saw mills. In the film, to everyone, this area was called "Log Sort", the area where the boats were moored, the horses stabled, then large equipment kept and also the Styrofoam forms created for the viking boat, and including the Wendol cave. If you traveled further up the mountain by vehicle for about 10 minutes, then you reached the main circus and the set another 5 minutes on foot. Below log sort, was another logging road alone the water, it is where the horse shots in the water are done and the boats moored, another 10 minutes fide up the road was the farmstead scene built inside the bush, just off the road. It was built over a stream. Main unit only shot there for one day, September 18, but 2nd unit stayed there to fill in the other in-between shots. It was very hard for me because I had to choose which unit it was most important for me to be at, so 2nd had also already been there before main unit too and also since my primary reason for being there is to watch the most important animal shots."

4 - Wendol caves entrance scenes - Elk Falls Provincial Park
"September 19 and 20. BTW the actual cave shots, with all the skulls was done at Elk Bay, inside a Styrofoam cave, it was about the size of a 2000 square foot house with 2 levels to it and VERY real looking, it even stunk in there LOL."

5 - Tent scenes - Williams Lake
"Actual filming began September 23 (not including travel time) and we ended there October 3."

6 - Caravan and warrior's camp sequences - along the banks of the Fraser River
"The opening shots of the movie are all done at this location. The caravan shots with all the camels, when everyone panics from the Tar Tar's where filmed above the Fraser River and the camp scenes and boat shots on the Fraser. The Fraser River part is all done inside a canyon and EVERYTHING had to be helicoptered in. A special trail from above the canyon was made by the local Alkali Indian Band, was etched down to the Fraser, so the horses and camels could safely travel down. All their food and water was choptered down as well, to avoid tiring them from climbing the trail everyday. I walked this trail one day only and down not up. It took the Band about 4 months to build and some areas had to be protected because it was encroaching onto sacred Native grounds."

7 - Storm sequence
"This was done inside a very large ship building, "A" frame building, and it wasn't in Vancouver but in Delta, not far from the Baltic Sea shots. Again I am not sure on the dates of this because I was only there for 2 days (one dog scene and one horses scene). If they don't have animals in the shots, then I am not there. But these shots were done between October 13 to Oct. 25 (?). But not 100% sure."

8 - Sea scenes - in the Baltic Seaport
"I was only at this set for a day because I was doing some other films in the Vancouver area. But the Baltic shots where done in another area of the mighty Fraser river in a place called Delta. I believe they were there October 27 to November 1 (?). But not sure on that."

9 - Interiors of Baghdad - ?
"Sorry, I don't know this either but it was at the end of October."

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