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"I was one of the crew who sculpted an approximate 20'x30' (it's been a while, I forgot the exact measurements, but I know it was really big. 1" to 1" scale) block of foam to look like a cave, for a shot they had to re-shoot. The original was lost (some of the shots were lost due to someone exposing the film after filming the shots. So I heard).

I worked on the cave for a company called 'Tribal Scenery' in Burbank, California in August of 1997. Shortly before the cave, they did the front part (the creature head) of the Viking ship, there too (some friends of mine helped to build the bow of the Viking ship).

I was not able to see the finished cave, since it is done in stages with different people with different specialties. The last time I saw it, the carving of the cave from large bead foam blocks was complete and the final size was 16'x30' (it did feel as big as a 2 story house). They were in the beginning stages of painting it. They started by spraying it with some mixture that ended up being as hard as plaster when it dried so the foam would not break under all the wear and tear of the actors and others walking around on it. Set dressing with the fake bones and everything else did not happen till much later, probably when it was in the sound stage.

The cave was used in an interior shot. I was not able to pick out the cave for positive in the movie."

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