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The D. A. Goes To Trial (Erle Stanley Gardner / Pocket #407)

Canyon Passage (Ernest Haycox / Pocket #640, November 1949) [original painting]
Circle C carries on (Brett Rider / Pocket #620)
In a Lonely Place (Dorothy B. Hughes / Pocket #587, March 1949)
Love is a Deadly Weapon (Puzzle for Fools) (Patrick Quentin / Pocket #614, July 1949)
Man-Size (William MacLeod Raine / Pocket #656, December 1949)
The Best Science Fiction Stories: 1949 (Everett F. Bleiler, T.E. Dikty / Fell, August 1949)
Whispers In The Sun (Maysie Greig / Random House)

Chesapeake Cavalier (Don Tracy / Pocket #729, September 1950)
Coffin Corner (George Bagby, Pocket #736, October 1950)
Cowgirl Kate (Enid Johnson / The Junior Literary Guild - Julian Messner, April 1950) (1948?)
Flaming Irons (Max Brand / Pocket #687)
Rustler's Canyon (E. E. Halleran / Pocket #703, March?July? 1950)
Singing Lariat (Will Ermine / Pocket #719, August?Sept? 1950)
The Case of the Drowning Duck (Erle Stanley Gardner / Pocket #643, March 1950) - 4th printing
The Fighting Edge (William MacLeod Raine / Pocket #691, April 1950)
The Siamese Twin Mystery (Ellery Queen / Pocket #109)
The Tenderfoot Kid (Peter Field / Pocket #759, December 1950)
The Wild Horse (Les Savage, Jr. / Fawcett Gold Medal #111, July 5, 1950)
Valley Thieves (Max Brand / Pocket #668, January 1950)

A Murder is Announced (Agatha Christie / Pocket #820, July 1951)
Beyond a Reasonable Doubt (C. W. Grafton / Pocket #752)
Colt Comrades (Bliss Lomax / Pocket #809, October 1951)
In Tragic Life (Vardis Fisher / Pocket/Cardinal #C-3)
Let The Guns Roar (Charles N. Neckelmann / Signet #910)
Murder City (Oakley Maxwell Hall / Pocket #828)
Rustlers of Beacon Creek (Max Brand / Pocket #781)
Rustlers' Moon (Will Ermine / Pocket #761, January 1951)
The House without a Door (Thomas Sterling / Pocket #774, February 1951)
The Sheriff's Son (William MacLeod Raine / Pocket #815)
The Spanish Cape Mystery (Ellery Queen / Pocket #146, May 1951)

Death Rides in the Night (Peter Field / Pocket #882)
Gun Showdown (Who Wants to Live Forever?) (William MacLeod Raine / Pocket #842, Jan 1952)
Gunhawk Harvest (Leslie Ernenwein / Signet #982)
The Case of the Backward Mule (Erle Stanley Gardner / Pocket #855) (1951?)
The D. A. Calls it Murder (Erle Stanley Gardner / Pocket #263) (1950?)
The Door Between (Ellery Queen / Pocket #471)
The Hangmen of Sleepy Valley (Davis Dresser / Pocket #871)
The Story of My Psychoanalysis (John Knight / Pocket #866)
Two If By Sea (Roger Bax [aka Andrew Garve] / Dell #634) (1949?)
You Can’t Live Forever (Harold Q. Masur / Pocket #860, February 1952)

The Clue of the Forgotten Murder (Erle Stanley Gardner / Pocket #438, ? 1953) - 19th printing

Black Horse Canyon (The Wild Horse) (Les Savage / Fawcett Gold Medal #411)
Outcast of Murder Mesa (Kenneth Fowler / Fawcett Gold Medal #452)
Ride for Texas (William Heuman / Fawcett Gold Medal #414, July 1954)
The Man from Riondo (Dudley Dean / Fawcett Gold Medal #436)
The Range Buster (William Heuman / Fawcett Gold Medal #429)

Bullet Barricade (Leslie Ernenwein / Fawcett Gold Medal #464)
Cattle Kingdom (Alan LeMay / Signet #1219)
Gambling Man (Clifton Adams / Fawcett Gold Medal #533, November 1955)
- Note: re-uses Collier's (July 18, 1953)
Horsemen from Hell (Homer Hatten / Fawcett Gold Medal #541, December 1955)
Plunder Range (Homer Hatten / Fawcett Gold Medal #492, July 1955)
Return To Warbow (Les Savage, Jr. / Dell First Edition #65)
The Broken Spur (Dudley Dean / Fawcett Gold Medal #511)
To Tame a Land (Louis L'Amour / Fawcett Gold Medal #516, September 1955)
Trouble Rides Tall (William Hopson / Fawcett Gold Medal #501)
Web of Gunsmoke (Will Hickok / Signet G2760)

He Rode Alone (Steve Frazee / Fawcett Gold Medal #613, October 1956)
High Gun (Leslie Ernenwein / Fawcett Gold Medal #620, November 1956)
Hold Back the Sun (John Vail / Fawcett Gold Medal #556, February 1956)
Rio Bravo (Gordon Shirreffs / Fawcett Gold Medal #580)
To Hell - and Texas (Giles Lutz / Fawcett Gold Medal #548)
Tough Hombre (Dudley Dean / Fawcett Gold Medal #601, August 1956) (?)
White Warrior (Lewis B. Patten / Fawcett Gold Medal #602)

Ambush on the Mesa (Gordon D. Shirreffs / Fawcett Gold Medal)
Apache Rising (Marvin H. Albert / Fawcett Gold Medal #696, August 1957)
Bugles on the Prairie (Gordon D. Shirreffs / Fawcett Gold Medal #639, January 1957)
Gun In The Valley (Dudley Dean / Fawcett Gold Medal #655, March 1957)
Gun Talk at Yuma (Frank Castle / Fawcett Gold Medal #679, June 1957) [original painting]
Hang The Men High (Noel Loomis, Paul Leslie Peil / Gold Metal #692, August 1957)
Last Stand at Papago Wells (Louis L'Amour / Fawcett Gold Medal #686, July 1957)
Long Ride West (Richard Jessup / Fawcett Gold Medal #672, May 1957)
Silver Canyon (Louis L'Amour / Bantam, November 1957)
The Guns of Fort Petticoat (Corcoran William Harrison / Fawcett Gold Medal #560)
The Maricopa Trail (Noel M. Loomis / Fawcett Gold Medal Giant #s661, April 1957)
The Reluctant Gun (Howard Rigsby / Fawcett Gold Medal #646, February 1957)
Vengeance Under Law (Frank Castle / Fawcett Gold Medal #636, January 1957)
Violence Valley (William Heuman / Fawcett Gold Medal #631, January 1957)
Westward the Drums (L. A. Hearne / Fawcett Gold Medal #656, March 1957)

The Alamo (13 Days to Glory) (Lon Tinkle / Signet KD526 [#9941?])

Ambuscade (Frank O'Rouke / Signet #4492)
Many Rivers to Cross (Steve Frazee / Fawcett Gold Medal #935, October 1959) - (#S1371, December 1963)
The Range Busters (William Heuman / Fawcett Gold Medal #944, November 1959)

McGivern (T. V. Olsen / Fawcett Gold Medal #1010, June 1960)
The Brave Rifles (Gordon D. Shirreffs / Fawcett Gold Medal #??6) [?]
The Daybreakers (Louis L'Amour / Bantam, February 1960)
Yellowleg (A.S. Fleischamn / Fawcett Gold Medal #958) [?]

Law & Order Unlimited (William Colt MacDonald / Signet #1932)
The Life & Death of Clay Allison (Ray Hogan / Signet #2010)

Barabbas (Pär Lagerkvist / Bantam)
- Note: Back cover artwork only (front cover artwork by Siegfried Reinhardt).
Big Red (Burt & Burt Arthur / Signet #2127)
Bloody Instructions (Sara Woods / Popular Library) [original painting]
Forced March (Morton Warnow / Signet #2039)
Lobo Gray (L.L. Foreman / Signet #2216)
Taras Bulba (Robert W. Krepp / Fawcett Gold Medal #S1253)
Taras Bulba (Nikolai Gogol / Signet #2224)
The Duke (William R. Cox / Signet #2200)
The Race West (Robert West Howard / Signet #2193)

A Time of Killing (William M. Hardy / Dell #8920, August 1963)
Imperial Renegade (Louis de Wohl / Popular Library #M2056)
Leaving Cheyenne (Larry McMurtry / Popular Library #M2061)
Morning of a Hero (Burke Boyce / Popular Library #M2072)
Past All Dishonor (James M. Cain / Dell #6850)
So Red The Rose (Stark Young / Popular Library #W1135) [?]
The Border Guidon (Gordon D. Shirreffs / Signet #2233)
The Captain from Connecticut (C. S. Forester / Bantam) [original painting]
The Life and Death of Johnny Ringo (Ray Hogan / Signet #G2311)
- Note: Painting done in 1952, but book published in 1963.
The Pick of the Roundup (anthology edited by Stephen Payne / Avon #F201)
The Skin (Curzio Malaparte / Avon #N117)
The Tarnished Star (Lewis B. Patten / Signet #G2334)
The Trial of Billy Peale (Wayne D. Overholser / Dell #9094)
When They Burned The White House (Andrew Tully / Popular Library #SP213, April 1963)

Brand of a Man (Thomas Thompson / Signet #G2487)
Last Ride to Los Lobos (William Chamberlain / Fawcett Gold Medal #S1460)
March to Monteria (B. Traven / Dell #5350, March 1964)
Mark of the Lion (Kenneth Sandford / Popular Library #M2057)
No Bugles For Spies (Robert Hayden Alcorn / Popular Library #SP287)
PT 109 (Robert J. Donovan / Crest - Fawcett)
Station Six-Sahara (Michael Avallone / Popular Library #PC1042)
The Butterfly (James M. Cain / Dell #0869)
The Last Crusader (Louis de Wohl / Popular Library #W1139)
The Trail to Ogallala (Benjamin Capps / Signet #D2633)
Trail of the Tattered Star (Cliff Farrell / Signet #J2730)

Deep West (Ernest Haycox / Dell #1883)
The Texan (Burt Arthur / Signet #2605)

Brand of Empire (Luke Short / Dell #0770, April 1966)
Dead Man on a Black Horse (Ray Hogan / Signet #2963)
Echo in a Dark Wind (Julia Withers / Signet #D2931)
House of the Whispering Winds (Elizabeth McCrae / Signet #D2903)
Madness at the Castle (Susan Claudia / Signet #D2897)
Fortress Fury (Carter A. Vaughan / Popular Library #60-2198)
- Note: re-uses Morning of a Hero (1963)
Khartoum (Alan Caillou / Signet #P2941)
Pilgrim's Inn (Elizabeth Goudge / Popular Library #75-1196, April 1966)
Red Sun at Noon (Stanley Pashko Ed. / Signet KD 522)
The Appaloosa (Robert MacLeod / Fawcett Gold Medal #D1720)
The Birds Fall Down (Rebecca West / Popular Library #) (1968?)
The Branded Man (Luke Short / Dell #0785, April 1966)
The Statesman's Game (James Albridge / Curtis #123-07027-075) (1971?)
The Tower of Kilraven (Cecily Crowe / Signet #D3037)

Fire Will Freeze (Margaret Millar / Signet #P3101)
Marauder's Moon (Luke Short / Dell #5326, May 1967) - 2nd printing
Stonecliff (Robert Nathan / Popular Library #60-2283)
Tales of Manhattan (Louis Auchincloss / Popular Library #95-178)
The Birds Fall Down (Rebecca West / Popular Library #95-168, October 1967)
The Man Who Killed Himself (Julian Symons / Popular Library #445-02476-060)
The Wolf is my Brother (Chad Oliver / Signet #3081 [#T5033?])

A Little Game (Fielden Farrington / Popular Library #60-2428)
Amos Flagg Has His Day (Clay Randall / Fawcett Gold Medal #D1946)
Anzio (Wynford Vaughan-Thomas / Popular Library #75-1269)
Christopher And His Father (Hans Habe / Popular Library #95-199) (1967?)
Dakota Rifle (Frank O'Rourke / Signet #3696)
Hellfire Jackson (Carland Roark & Charles Thomas / Popular Library #75-1276) [?]
The End of The Rug (Richard Llewellyn / Popular Library #445-01338-075)
The Freebooters (Elleston Trevor / Dell #2724, August 1968)
The Hell Road (Ray Hogan / Signet #3609)
The Long Night's Walk (Alan White / Popular Library #445-02522-060)
The Mulberry Tree (John Frasca / Popular Library #445-02519-060)

A Buried Treasure (Elizabeth Madox Roberts / Popular Library #445-01357-075) (1970?)
As Gold As Gold (Edward Wymark / Popular Library #75-1282)
Colonel Sun (Robert Markham [Kingsley Amis] / Bantam, May 1969)
Fiddler's Green (Ernest K. Gann / Popular Library #445-01341-075)
Moon of Cobre (William R. Cox / Bantam #H4860)
On To Oregon (Honore Morrow / Signet #P3783)
Season of Doubt (Jon Cleary / Popular Library #75-1296)
Sing Out the Glory (Gladys Hasty Carroll / Popular Library #75-1286)
Smoky Valley (Donald Hamilton / Dell, December 1969) [original painting]
Someone Will Conquer Them (Elizabeth Kata / Popular Library #60-2377)
Surgeon's Choice (Frank G. Slaughter / Popular Library #445-00239-095) (1970?)
The Baders of Jacob Street (Henia Karmel-Wolfe / Popular Library #445-00282-095)
The Horsemen (Joseph Kessel / Signet #4100)
The Lady and The Deep Blue Sea (Garland Roark / Curtis #123-07013-075)
The 'Mozart' Leaves at Nine (Harris Greene / Curtis #123-09034-095)
The Terrible Game (Dan Tyler Moore / Signet KP 545)
Treachery Trail (Cliff Farrell / Signet #)

Ambush at Junction Rock (Robert MacLeod / Fawcett Gold Medal #P3471)
Atlantic Fury (Hammond Innes / Avon #V2355)
Fire in the Snow (Hammond Innes / Avon #V2360)
Ghost Dance - The Last Great Days Of The Sioux (John Norman / Ballantine, May 1970)
Sing Out the Glory (Gladys Hasty Carroll / Popular Library #75-1286)
The Crimson Quirt (William Colt McDonald / Signet #P4673)
The Manhunter (Gordon D. Schirreffs / Fawcett Gold Medal #)
The Outlawed (Ray Hogan / Signet #P4321)
The Shadow: Hidden Death (Maxwell Grant [aka Walter B. Gibson] / Bantam, October 1970)
The Survivors (Hammond Innes / Avon #V2356)
Three Cross (Ray Hogan / Signet #P4396)
Valdez Is Coming (Elmore Leonard / Fawcett Gold Medal #R2328)
When The Enemy Is Tired (Russell Braddon / Popular Library #445-01369-075, July 1970) (1971?)

Boomerang (Andrew Garve / Popular Library #445-01445-075)
Campbell's Kingdom (Hammond Innes / Avon #V2389)
Casino Royale (Ian Fleming / Bantam, May 1971)
Deputy of Violence (Ray Hogan / Signet #4522)
Doctor No (Ian Fleming / Bantam, July 1971)
Down From the Mountain (Louis Charbonneau / Popular Library #445-00306-095, November 1971)
Fallon (Louis L'Amour / Bantam, August 1971) - 6th printing
From Russia With Love (Ian Fleming / Bantam, May 1971) - 2nd printing
Gale Warning (Hammond Innes / Avon #V23??)
Guilt of Killer Town (Lewis B. Patten / Signet #P4491)
Helga's Web (Jon Cleary / Popular Library #445-01410-075)
Rasputin The Holy Devil (René Fülöp-Miller / Popular Library #)
The Angry Mountain (Hammond Innes / Avon #V2387)
The Killer Mine (Hammond Innes / Avon #V2402)
The Renegade (Cliff Farrell / Signet #4776)
The Witness (Dorothy Uhnak / Popular Library #445-01391-075) (1970?)
Under The Sweetwater Rim (Louis L'Amour / Bantam)

Apache Wells (Robert Steelman / Ballantine, September 1972)
Callaghen (Louis L'Amour / Bantam)
Dead Shot Kid (Philip Ketchum / Signet #5092)
Fort Starke (Wade Everett / Ballantine #02672)
Goldfinger (Ian Fleming / Bantam, June 1972)
Island In The Wind (Noel B. Gerson / Popular Library #445-00392-095) [?]
Lawman for Slaughter Valley (Ray Hogan / Signet #5065)
Ride the Dark Trail (Louis L'Amour / Bantam, June 1972)
Splendor (Ben Ames Williams / Popular Library #445-00126-125) (Popular Library #95-161, June 1966[?])
The Daughter of the Hawk (C.S. Forester / Popular Library #445-01505-075)
The Toff on the Farm (John Creasey / Popular Library #445-01559-075)
The Vanishing Race: The Last Great Indian Council (Joseph K. Dixon / Eagle #)

Fire From Heaven (Mary Renault / Popular Library "Eagle" #00091) (1971?)
Give Your Heart to the Hawks (Winfred Belvins / Ballantine) (1974?)
Small Spread (Edwin Booth / Ballantine #23715, December 1973)
Sun Dance (Fred Grove / Ballantine, November 1973)
Sun on the Wall (Wayne D. Overholser / Ballantine)
The Strode Venturer (Hammond Innes / Avon #14266)
The War Chief (Edgar Rice Burroughs / Ballantine #345-03082-6-095, February 1973)

Apache Gold and Yaqui Silver (J. Frank Dobie / Ballantine, March?April? 1974)
Dakota Territory (Robert Steelman / Ballantine)
Follow the Free Wind (Leigh Brackett / Ballantine #24013, June 1974)
Hoofbeats of Destiny (Robert West Howard / Ballantine #23848)
Small Spread (Edwin Booth / Ballantine)


The Sacketts: Beginnings of a Dynasty (Louis L'Amour / Saturday Review Press, July 1976)


Ute Country (John S. Daniels / Signet)

The Road Past Mandalay (John Masters / Bantam, ? 1979)

Follow the Free Wind
First Command (Wade Everett / Ballantine) - 5th printing






Dutchman's Flat (Louis L'Amour / Bantam, March 1986)
Riding for the Brand (Louis L'Amour / Bantam, March 1986)
The Trail to Crazy Man (Louis L'Amour / Bantam, September 1986)


Lonigan (Louis L'Amour / Bantam, October 1988)
The Wolf is My Brother (Chad Oliver / Bantam, September 1988)



Devil's Backbone: The Modoc War (Terry C. Johnston / St. Martin's Press)
Black Sun: The Battle of Summit Springs (Terry C. Johnston / St. Martin's Press)
Shadow Riders: The Southern Plains Uprising (Terry C. Johnston, St. Martin's Press)

The Art of Frank McCarthy (Elmer Kelton / Morrow)

In the Big Country: The Best Western Stories of John Jakes (John Jakes, Bill Pronzini, Martin H. Greenberg / Bantam)

Louis L'Amour: An Annotated Bibliography and Guide (Halbert W. Hall, Kristine Fredriksson, Michael T. Marsden / McFarland)


Cov = Cover Artist
Int = Interior Artwork

August - Bowker Bookshop News (Cov)


Aug 11 - Collier's (Int) ["You Take The High Road" by James Robbins Miller]
Sep 22 - Collier's (Int) ["The Braggart" by Allan Vaughan Elston]
Nov - Argosy (Int) ["Trouble at Temescal" by Frank Bonham]
Dec - Argosy (Int + Int) ["Trail of the Apache" by Elmore Leonard + "Cornered" by Borden Deal]
Dec 1 - Collier's (Int) ["High-Class" by Richard Bissell]
Dec 15 - Collier's (Int) ["Open Sesame" by Ray Harris]

Jan 5 - Collier's (Int) ["Stopover at Reno" by Jack Finney]
Feb - American Magazine (Int) ["Sophisticated Lady" by Mary Knowles ] Feb - Argosy (Int) ["Wild Challenge" by Robert Easton]
Feb 23 - Collier's (Int) ["Half-Pint Hercules" by William Lindsay Gresham]
Apr - Argosy (Cov + Int) ["Blood Money" by Van Cort] - original painting
Apr 12 - Collier's (Int) ["Old Folks" by William Brandon]
May 10 - Collier's (Int) ["Olf Blue" by Arthur Gordon]
May 17 - Collier's (Int) ["The Take Charge Guy (1/2)" by Jack Weeks]
May 24 - Collier's (Int) ["The Take-Charge Guy (2/2)" by Jack Weeks]
May 31 - Collier's (Int) ["Stonewall Susan" by Joan Aucourt]
Jun - Argosy (Int) ["The Singing Noose" by I. S. Marsh]
Jul 26 - Collier's (Int) ["Love Set" by James Atlee Phillips]
Aug - Argosy (Int) ["Island of No Escape" by Rui Chestor]
Aug 16 - Collier's (Int) ["Debt of Honor" by John Savage]
Sep 13 - Collier's (Int) ["Elimination Race" by John O. MacDonald]
Oct - Argosy (Int + Int) ["The Great Whiskey Swindle" by Merle Constiner + "Mutiny Below" by Cedric Mentiplay]
Oct 4 - Collier's (Int) ["Hot Pepper" by Hazel Heckman]
Oct 18 - Collier's (Int) ["Diagnosis Completedquot; by F.M. Barratt and Jack Finney]
Nov - Argosy (Int) ["Hanging's for the Lucky" by Jack Schaefer]
Nov 15 - Collier's (Int) ["The Pioneer" by Will Stanton]
Dec - Argosy (Int) ["Pearl of Price" by Cedric Mentiplay]

Jan - Argosy (Int) ["The Cattywampus" by Borden Deal]
Feb - American Magazine (Int) ["Surprise Party" by Lucy Cundiff]
Feb - Argosy (Int + Int) ["Foreign Fish" by Walter Macken + "Damnedest Way to Get an Elk" by Jim Reilly]
Feb 7 - Collier's (Int) ["Martin Taylor's Enterprise" by Merle Constiner]
Feb 28 - Collier's (Int) ["Less Than A Man" by J. M. Barak]
Mar - Argosy (Int) ["The Elusive Sergeant" by Geoffrey Household]
Apr - Argosy (Int) ["The Unbreakable" by Walter Ballenger]
Apr 11 - Collier's (Int) ["The Wrong Way to Win a War" by John Godey]
May - Argosy (Int) ["One by One" by David Lamson]
May 16 - Collier's (Int) ["Red-Hot Rookie" by William E. Pettit]
Jun - Adventure (Cov)
Jun 20 - Collier's (Int) ["The Last Inning" by Charles Einstein]
Jul - Family Circle (Int) ["Molly Herself" by Anna Mary Wells]
Jul 18 - Collier's (Int) ["The Lallapalooza" by Frank O'Rourke]
Sep 4 - Collier's (Int) ["Solo" by Walt Grove]
Nov 13 - Collier's (Int) ["Eleven Guys Named George" by Willard H. Temple]
Dec - Argosy (Int) ["Island Feud" by Hugh B. Cave]
Dec - The American Legion Magazine (Int, int) ["Magi in Battle Dress" by William Chamberlain]
Dec 11 - Collier's (Int) ["Smoky Valley (1/4)" by Donald Hamilton]
Dec 25 - Collier's (Int) ["Smoky Valley (2/4)" by Donald Hamilton]

Jan 8 - Collier's (Int) ["Smoky Valley (3/4)" by Donald Hamilton]
Jan 22 - Collier's (Int) ["Smoky Valley (4/4)" by Donald Hamilton]
Feb - Argosy (Cov) - original painting
Mar - Argosy (Cov)
Mar - The American Legion Magazine (Int)
Mar 19 - Collier's (Int) ["Stolen Friendship" by Alice Maxwell]
Jun - Argosy (Int) ["Built For Speed" by John D. MacDonald]
Jun - The American Legion Magazine (Cov)
Jun 11 - Collier's (Int) ["Murder at Montego Bay" by Ben Masselink]
Jul - The American Legion Magazine (Cov)
Jul - Argosy (Cov)
Jul 9 - Collier's (Int) ["The Only Game in Town (1/3)" by Charles Einstein]
Jul 23 - Collier's (Int) ["The Only Game in Town (2/3)" by Charles Einstein]
Aug - Argosy (Cov) ["White Water Trips"]
Aug 6 - Collier's (Int) ["The Only Game in Town (3/3)" by Charles Einstein]
Aug 20 - Collier's (Int) ["It Could Happen to Anyone" by Charles Mergendahl]
Sep - The American Legion Magazine (Cov)
Sep - Sports Afield (Cov)
Oct 1 - Collier's (Int) ["Murder on the Waterfront" by Budd Schulberg]
Oct - Argosy (Int) ["Saint with a Six-Gun" by Elmore Leonard]
Nov - Cosmopolitan (Int) ["It Could Happen Any Day" by Walt Sheldon]
Nov 12 - Collier's (Int) ["Indian Sign (1/2)" by James Warner Bellah]
Nov 26 - Collier's (Int) ["Indian Sign (2/2)" by James Warner Bellah]
Dec - Adventure (Cov)

Jan - Adventure (Cov)
Jan - American Magazine (Int) ["Navy Wife" by Elizabeth Stowe]
Jan - Argosy (Int) ["Mutiny Down Under" by A. B. C. Whipple]
Jan - Bluebook (Cov)
Jan 21 - Collier's (Int) ["The Room Next Door" by Lucy Goodrich]
Feb - Argosy (Int) ["Escape" by William A. Ulman + "The Greatest Gunsmith Of All" by John Moses Browning]
Feb - Cavalier (Cov)
Feb(?) - The American Legion Magazine (Int)
Mar - Rangeland Romances (Cov)
- Note: re-uses Collier's (Jan 22, 1954)
Apr - The American Legion Magazine (Cov)
Apr 15 - Collier's (Int) ["The Darkest Hour (1/3)" by William P. McGivern]
Apr 29 - Collier's (Int) ["The Darkest Hour (2/3)" by William P. McGivern]
May 13 - Collier's (Int + Int) ["The Reforming of Parlor Davis" by Peerce Platt + "The Darkest Hour (3/3)" by William P. McGivern]
May 27 - Collier's (Int) ["Crowd Pleaser" by William R. Cox]
Jun - Adventure (Int) ["Town Tamer" by Richard Ferber]
Jul - American Magazine (Int) ["Mystery" by Hugh Pentecost]
Jul - The American Legion Magazine (Int)
Jul 8 - Collier's (Int) ["How to Bite a Bear" by William B. Eidson]
Jul 22 - Collier's (Int) ["The Nairobi Incident" by Robert C. Ruark]
Aug - Adventure (Cov)
Aug - American Magazine (Int) ["Blaze of Glory" by Walter Kaylin]
Aug - Argosy (Int) ["No Man's Lady" by Henry John Colyton]
Sep - Adventure (Cov)
Sep 16 - Collier's (Int) ["Death on the Avenida" by Borden Deal]
Oct - Adventure (Cov)
Oct - The American Legion Magazine (Cov) ["Prelude to the Big Game"]
Nov - Argosy (Int) ["The Last Charge" by Jack Schaefer]
Nov 22(25?) - Collier's (Int) ["Petticoat Brigade (1/2)" by C. William Harrison]
Dec 9 - Collier's (Int) ["Petticoat Brigade (2/2)" by C. William Harrison]

Jan - Argosy (Cov + Int) ["No Man's Gun" by Michael Foster]
Jan - Cavalier (Cov)
Feb - Argosy (Cov)
Feb 3 - Collier's (Int) ["Notorious Tenant" by Margery Sharp]
Mar - Cavalier (Cov)
Mar 30 - Collier's (Int) ["Lost Sister" by Dorothy M. Johnson]
Apr - Argosy (Int) ["Nate Bartlett's Store" by Jack Schaefer]
May - Argosy (Int) ["Secret Weapon" by Joseph L. Marx]
May - Cavalier (Cov)
Jun - Argosy (Int) ["I Crawled Out of the Hump" by Robert V. Reynolds]
Jul - Cavalier (Cov)
Aug - Argosy (Int) ["Decoy for Death" by James McKimnuey, Jr.]
Aug - Cavalier (Cov)
Aug 3 - Collier's (Int) ["Where the Warriors Crossed" by William Eastlake]
Sep - Argosy (Int) ["The Lieutenant's Letter" by Frank Tolbert]
Sep - Cavalier (Cov)
Oct - Argosy (Int) ["The Big Burn" by Norman Daniels]
Oct - Redbook (Int) ["Sitting Duck" by Arthur Gordon]
Oct - Cavalier (Cov)
Nov - Argosy (Int) ["Outcast Rider" by Calvin J. Clements]
Nov - Cavalier (Cov)
Dec - Argosy (Int) ["His Blood-Red Banner" by John D. Craig and Joe Marx]

Jan - Cavalier (Cov)
Mar - Cavalier (Cov + Int) ["This Cowboy Wouldn't Stay Dead" by Richmond P. Hobson Jr.]
Apr - Cavalier (Cov)
May - Cavalier (Cov)
Jun - Cavalier (Cov)
Jul - Cavalier (Cov)
Jul - Cosmopolitan (Int) ["A Romantic Courtesy" by John D. MacDonald]
Aug - Cavalier (Int)
Aug - Reader's Digest (Cov) ["Pack Trip to the Rockies"]
Sep - Cavalier (Cov)
Sep - True (Int) ["The Giant And The Gunslinger" by Robert Froman]

Jan - Cavalier (Cov)
Jan - True (Int) ["King of the Riflemen" by James B. Trejethen]
Feb - Cavalier (Cov)
Mar - Cavalier (Cov)
May - Cavalier (Cov)
Jun - Cavalier (Int)
- Note: The cover, erroneously attributed to McCarthy in the table of contents inside the mag, was in fact done by Denver Gillen.
Jul - Cavalier (Cov)
Dec - Cavalier (Cov)

Feb - True Western Adventures (Cov)
Mar - Cavalier (Cov)
Mar - Reader's Digest (Cov) ["Western Reflections"]
Jun - True (Int) ["I Rode and Robbed With Billy the Kid" by Peter Jerome Atkins and Tom Bailey]
Oct - Cavalier (Int) ["Strangest Indian Fighter of All" by Dale Shaw]

Feb - Reader's Digest (Cov) ["Mountain Pond, Hawaii"]
Feb - True Western Adventures (Cov)
Apr - Cavalier (Int)
Jun - Outdoor Life (Int) ["I Love That Scum" by Ken Smith]
Jun - True Western Adventures (Cov)
Jul - Cavalier (Cov + Int) - original painting
- Note: Lower cover artwork only (upper cover art done by another artist).
Jul - Outdoor Life (Cov)
Aug - True Western Adventures (Cov)
Aug - Cavalier (Int) ["High Noon in Hell" by Major Robert Crisp]
Sep - Cavalier (Int) ["One Drop Will Kill" by Patrick Shea McDonald]
Sep - True (Int)
Oct - True Western Adventures (Cov)
Nov - Cavalier (Cov + Int) ["How I Survived The Suicide Convoy" by Charles M. Ulrich]
- Note: Upper cover artwork only (lower cover art by Stanley Borack).
Dec - Cavalier (Cov + Int) ["I Was Castro's Killer" by Herman Marks, as told to Allen Forbes + "I Am the Luckiest Man Alive" by Joseph Bonnet-Durival, as told to Les Kane]

Jan - Outdoor Life (Int)["Bleached Killer" by Gene Sherman]
Feb - Outdoor Life (Cov)
Feb - True Western Adventures (Cov) - original painting
May - Cavalier (Int) ["Strangest Outlaw The West Ever Saw" by J.P. Cahn]
Jun - Cavalier (Int)
Jun - True Western Adventures (Cov)
Aug - Cavalier (Int) ["Glory! Glory! What a Helluva Way to Die" by Charles U. Daly]
Aug - True Western Adventures (Cov)
Sep - Outdoor Life (Int) ["Seven Cougars" by LLoyd Walker, as told to Chester Chatfield]
Oct - Cavalier (Cov + Int) ["The Man Who Invented Texas" by Bern Keating]
Dec - Cavalier (Int) ["The Terrible Revenge of the Half-Breed" by Dean W. Ballenger]

Jan - Outdoor Life (Cov) - original painting
Feb - Cavalier (Int) ["One-Hour Pass from Hell" by Henry Young]
Feb - True (Int) ["Rebellion of the Indian Napoleon" by Gene Caesar]
Sep - Cavalier (?)
Oct - Argosy (Int) ["Displace Forward, the Guns!" by William Chamberlain]
Oct - Outdoor Life (Int) ["Work for My Bucks" by Andy Russell]
Oct - True (Int) ["Last Battle for an Old Bull" by Robert Christie]
Nov - True (Int) ["Flight to the Land of No Return" by Bob Krauss]

Jan - Argosy (Int) ["The Cattywampus" by Borden Deal]
May - Argosy (Int) ["He Who Laughs Last" by Walton Smith]
Jul - Outdoor Life (Cov)
Nov - Outdoor Life (Cov)
Nov - True (Int) ["My Life With Arctic Wolves" by Farley Mowat]
Dec - True (Int) ["Four-Year Stalk For A Monster" by Gene Caesar]

Jan - Outdoor Life (Cov) - original painting
Feb - Argosy (Int) ["The Monster of Bibipur Ghat" by Maurice Virgo]
Feb - True (Int) ["Game Animals That Fight Back" by Robert Ruark]
Apr - Outdoor Life (Cov)
May - Argosy (Int) ["Loaded for Bear" by Walton Smith]
Jun - Outdoor Life (Cov)
Aug - Outdoor Life (Cov)
Sep - Sport (Int)
Nov - Outdoor Life (Int) ["A Bad Beginning" by Pete Kollar]

Jan - Outdoor Life (Cov)
Jan - True (Int) ["Rough Road for a Rough Rider" by Gene Caesar]
Mar - Children's Digest (Cov)
Mar - Saga (Cov)
Apr - Outdoor Life (Int) ["Terror of the Pack Train" by Dolores Brown]
May - Children's Digest (Cov)
Jun - OutdoorLife (Cov)
Jul - Calling All Girls (Cov)
Sep - Calling All Girls (Cov)
Dec - Outdoor Life (Cov)

Mar - Children's Digest (Cov)
Apr - Outdoor Life (Cov)
May - Ranch Romances (Cov)
Jun - Outdoor Life (Cov)
Jul - Children's Digest (Cov)
Aug - Ranch Romances (Cov)
Nov - Children's Digest (Cov)

Feb - Ranch Romances (Cov)
Aug - Ranch Romances (Cov)

Apr - Outdoor Life (Cov)
Jun - Outdoor Life (Cov)
Jul - Outdoor Life (Cov)
Nov - Children's Digest (Cov)
Nov - Outdoor Life (Cov)
Nov - Ranch Romances (Cov)

Feb - Outdoor Life (Cov)
Mar - Outdoor Life (Int) ["The Charmed Circle Completed" by Cecil E. Heacox]
Jul - Outdoor Life (Cov)
Aug - Ranch Romances & Adventures (Cov)
Sep - Outdoor Life (Int) ["Search For A Trophy" by Robert V. Parke]
Oct - Outdoor Life (Cov)
Nov - Outdoor Life (Int) ["A Stalk To Remember" by Ken Crandall]
Nov - Ranch Romances & Adventures (Cov)

Jan - Outdoor Life (Cov)
May - Ranch Romances & Adventures (Cov)
Jun - Outdoor Life (Cov)
Aug - Outdoor Life (Cov)
Oct - Adventure (Int)

Jan - Outdoor Life (Int) ["The Day The Rebels Attacked" by Eduardo Martinez Ochoa, as told to Oscar Brooks]
May - Ranch Romances & Adventures (Cov)
- Note: re-uses Ranch Romances (Feb 1967)
Jul - Outdoor Life (Cov)
Sep - Outdoor Life (Cov)
Oct - Outdoor Life (Cov)


Sep - Westerner (Cov + Int)

Sep - Reader's Digest (Cov) ["In the High Sierra"]

Jun - The Western Horseman (Cov) ["(Thar's) Rendez-vous"]

Mar - The Western Horseman (Cov)
Jul - The Western Horseman (Cov)

Mar - The Western Horseman (Cov)

Sedona Life (Vol 3, Issue 4 - special collector's issue: Frank C McCarthy) (Cov)

Aug - Horse & Rider (Int)
- Note: Centerfold poster.

Dec - Horse & Rider (Int)
- Note: Centerfold poster.

Apr - Westerner (Cov)

Aug - The Westerner (Cov)

Jan - Arizona Highways (Cov)
May - Louis L'Amour Western Magazine (Cov)

Special Thanks: to Leif Peng for all the great McCarthy's illustrations he has compiled in his Flickr set.